How to run ASDM on a PC or MAC

While ASDM was created for a Palm OS Device, with the portability of such devices being the primary advantage, ASDM is still a great tool and way to track warriors on a PC or MAC.  Here are the requirements and steps to run ASDM on your PC or MAC.  (I do not own a MAC, so steps may be slightly different)


If you are planning to run ASDM on your Palm Pilot, you do not need to follow these instructions.  To run the program on your Palm, simply install the program (asdm.prc) on your Palm using the Palm Desktop Software.  These instructions are only for those desiring to run the program on a PC or Mac directly.


1) Download ASDM.ZIP

Click on the Program/Samples link on the ASDM Home Page to download the program.  The program file is asdm.prc contained in the ZIP Archive.  If you do not have a ZIP archiver, you'll need to get that as well.  The most popular PC ZIP program is at


2) Download the PALM Emulator.

The Palm Emulator is a program put out by PALM, Inc. for developers to be able to create and debug Palm OS software.  It is not your standard emulator which is meant to steal production software.  The Palm Emulator is a tool by the creators of the Palm.  It is probably safer to install the Emulator than it is to install a Microsoft product on your computer.


The Home Page for the Emulator is:

The download link is on this page

3) Acquire ROM images.

From the Palm Emulator site:

    "There are three sources of ROM images: ROM image files downloaded from the Resource Pavilion, licensee ROM images obtained via the licensee's developer program, and ROM images downloaded from an actual device. "

There are detailed instructions on how to acquire these images on the Emulator site listed above.

Assur will not provide these ROM images so do not ask.  The legal way to get these roms is through the sources above.  Assur does not condone or recommend downloading these rom images from another source.


4) Run the Emulator

You cannot run ASDM directly.  You must run the Emulator.  Once you have the asdm.prc file, the Emulator installed, and the Rom images, it is time to run the emulator.  Once the emulator comes up, follow the steps.

    A) Start a new session and select the appropriate ROM image (which you downloaded in step 3) and parameters and run the emulator.  An image of the Palm device should come up on your screen.  Congratualations, you now have a non-portable Palm Device on your computer.

    B) Install the ASDM files.  On a PC, you RIGHT click on the frame of the Palm Device on the screen and it pulls up a menu.  Click the Install Application/Database option and you can then install the asdm.prc file and the sample databases (.pdb files).  Note that you must change the FILE TYPE to install the databases.

    C) If the program doesn't show up on the menu after installing it, run any other program (clicking it) and exit the program (click the House Picture on the Palm).  Then, run Assur's Palm DM.

    D) Congratulations, you now have ASDM on your PC/MAC.  You can save the Databases (which could then be installed on an actual Palm Device) by Right clicking the Palm frame and using the Export Database option.  The two databases are Teams-ASDM and Warriors-ASDM.

    E) Finally, when you exit the Palm Emulator, save your session every time.  The Emulator remembers the last session you saved, so the next time you run your emulator, it will come up in the state you left it (meaning you won't have to reload the program or databases.