Assurnasirbanipal is a professional software engineer who has been playing the game Duelmasters (now called Duel 2) since the mid 1980's. This website captures his efforts to improve his own enjoyment of the game as well as give back to the Duel 2 community.

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Assur's Goals

Assur's Accomplishments and History

Assur's home arena is DM 18, Talcama. He started on turn 18 and until his return in early 2010, was active there for the entirety of his career. His original team Frog Princes had a 284-251 record, graduating 10 warriors. He had a temporary retirement and due to a unique set of circumstances, could not continue with his original team. He launched Shepherds. Later, he transferred a team (Next Generation) from a closing arena to run as a tourney team. At this point, both teams are now designated as tourney only teams. Grads from DM 18: 10 Frog Princes, 30 Shepherds, and 8 Next Generation warriors. Assur has graduated 2 warriors of each style from Shepherds alone and 3 or more warriors of each style total from Talcama.

Today, his arena home is DM 31.

For most of Assur's early career, he was not a big tourney player. In fact, most of Assur's career was spent running a single team in DM 18. Even today, Assur does not enjoy the tourney game as much as the basic game. Assur has at least 91 TV's total, representing every style except PL. His exceptional performances are as follows:

Ran Job (18-6129) to 0-72. Assur got a replacement in Talcama and the immediate plan was to try to create a winning warrior in the Dark Arena. During this design process, Assur realized just how bad Job was. As a joke, Assur created the worst warrior possible from the rollup, 14-19-19-10-14-6-3 AB. Obviously, since he did so much damage, he needed to run offensively. The goal was maybe to break the previous losing streak in Talcama. After a few turns of experimentation, Assur settled on 10-10 SH, no armor, Leather Helm. There were some close fights, but Job (then called Mode -13) lost everything until Suave's TP took a couple of hits to the same location and missed a will roll. 1-72. Then Job decided to wear armor and challenge to win. Job graduated 14-87-0. Later Job participated in the Gateway closing event and was able to advance to Primus. When Assur returned to the game, Job had been kicked out of Primus and was qualified to run Freshmen. Since that time, Job has been a successful Freshman warrior, gathering 3 TV awards.

Assur loves Bashers. About 50% of his graduates are bashers and he has taken over some special ones from other managers. They may not be great, but Assur has fun running them. He has TV'd Rookies through Adepts, Freshmen, and ADM. At one point, Assur set a goal to TV every class except Primus with a basher.

Assur has graduated bashers starting with 3 in every stat and 21 in every stat. A crazy, yet very fun goal to work towards. The 3 Will graduate died three times along the way (was given an immortality potion) and is definitely not recommended. The 3 Strength graduate had an incredible damage roll and wasn't as hard as one would think. The biggest challenge with both is staying alive. Not wearing any armor does not help either one and both are going to lose fights. Some other fun warriors along the way. And Assur is using this as a jumping off place for future oddities (Two 3's on the initial overview or two 21's on the initial overview). No goals on this one, just something that Assur will try as opportunities present themselves.

Another 'crazy' goal Assur set was to graduate a super low wit/will warrior. He successfully graduated a 3 wit/7 will starting warrior. Driving a Rolls (65-7068), graduating at 17-18(1)-17-3-8(1)-12-11 WOS with skills approximated at 10/6/17(+4)/11(+?)/-2/9. Because of the death rate of super low will warriors, Assur has no desire to go any lower.

On the Corner (65-7066) graduated with a perfect 20-0 record without any tourney fights under his belt. He started 10-8-11-17-17-6-15, learning very well for any warrior, let alone a 17 wit warrior.

Assur loves to run warriors to immortality. As of this writing, Assur has graduated 125 warriors with the following style distribution: (8 AB, 59 B, 14 L, 4 PL, 6 PR, 3 PS, 5 SL, 10 STK, 8 TP, 8 WOS)

Assur's Current Teams and Warriors

Most of Assur's teams have the prefix of Bash Bros, BB, or a similar prefix.

Assur does have an evil moniker, General Bashur, who runs teams starting with the prefix Brash Bros.