Palm DM

Palm DM is Assur's Warrior Creation/Tracking/Management tool for the Palm OS. You will find nothing like it anywhere else, certainly not in a single package with extensive rollup analysis features to calculate potential skill bonuses. You can track a warrior's entire career and tourney history easily and pull the warrior up at any point in his career. Finally, you can manage your entire warrior database easily and simply with many warrior filtering, sorting, and viewing options.

The downside is that the program only runs on the Palm Operating System. This operating system is mostly dead. However, there are ways to run this on most modern computers. Get ahold of the Palm Emulator or Simulator and you can run this program and keep your warrior database on your computer.

The program file can be downloaded from the first link in the downloads section. If you want to try and run the program on a modern computer, you can try the first link in the links section. This is the Access Developer Network Page, which took over the Palm OS. You may have to sign up in order to download the appropriate files (you can download either the emulator or the simulator (probably easier). You may also be able to download the emulator from the 2nd link, but you'd still need to download ROM's from the first link.

Instructions on using the Simulator coming later