Endurance is theorized to be a direct formula based on Strength, Constitution, and Will. Each warrior can be bonused or cursed in endurance (Up to 100 points of endurance). This bonus stays with a warrior for his entire career, never changing.

The Formula: (STR+CON)*WIL

Minimum: The minimum 'mode' endurance for the endurance class
Maximum: The maximum 'mode' endurance for the endurance class
Endurance: The endurance class
Data Points: Actual warriors (what their endurance would be if mode) that received this endurance class
Minimum Maximum Endurance Data Points
179 VL 18-279
180 239 P 80-338
240 389 N 140-483
390 504 G 290-600
505 639 R 414-735
640 789 T 540-882
790 A 693-1250