Quickness of Foot Message

Near the bottom of your overview, before your stats are listed, you often find what is commonly referred to as the Quickness of Foot Messages. The messages are directly related to the Defense and Parry bases of your warrior. Below is a chart which tells you what bases correspond to what messages. There are no messages for any values not listed (parry 1-5 and defense N2-2). You will only have a Parry message IF you have a Defense message.

The Chart

Defense Base Parry Base Message on Overview
<= -5 is VERY SLOW on his feet
<= 0      absolutely unable to avoid getting hurt
>= 6      attempts to parry rather than dodge attacks
-3 to -4 is SLOW on his feet
<= 0      with a marked inability to avoid or parry a blow
>= 6      finding it hard to avoid a blow he doesn't parry
3 to 4 is QUICK on his feet
<= 0      avoiding blows rather than parrying them
>= 6      and is well able to protect himself
5 to 6 is VERY QUICK on his feet
<= 0      avoiding rather than trading blows
>= 6      often avoiding seemingly hopeless situations
>= 7 is INCREDIBLY QUICK and ELUSIVE on his feet
<= 0      relying on his speed to stay out of danger
>= 6      making even dangerous opponents look harmless

All values confirmed by Assurnasirbanipal's warriors.